Monday, January 14, 2013

Welcome to my new blog.  I titled it Surviving Motherhood because I know being a mom is a challenging as well as a rewarding vocation.  It is also the most difficult job you will ever have your entire life.  Surviving it is not an option.  It is a necessity, you can't throw in the towel, you can't hand in your resignation, you have to do your job no matter what. 

According to Mirriam-Webster's Dictionary it defines survive as "to remain alive or existent; outlive, outlast". 

Wow, are you doing just that?  Are you outliving, outlasting, just being existent?  Seems like it doesn't it? 

In this blog I hope to help you through the journey of motherhood with its up's and down's, high's and low's, accomplishments and disappointments.  I've lived through just about everything you can think of.  I now am enjoying the fruits of my labor so to speak.  I have 3 grandchildren and am sitting back and watching my children raise their children.  It is the best time and so rewarding to know that through all of the struggles and heartaches, I did something right.

I would like to share with you many of the things I learned through the years and what helped me raise 3 children while being a full time working mom.  I also chose to have home-cooked meals most nights of the week and cleaned my own house as well as do my own laundry.  I was not fortunate to have a housekeeper or maid.  Fiances were tight so dinners out were very rare.   We also suffered 3 layoffs during those years and lived on very little.   We learned how to sacrifice and be thrifty.  Our children didn't always have the best but had what they needed.  They worked when they could and learned that life was hard and mom and dad couldn't give them everything they wanted.

We went through several family tragedies including deaths, hospitalizations, illnesses, as well as unexpected expenses typical of any family unit.   It is all about experiences and how you deal with them that matters, the survival of them, not throwing in the towel. 

Again, my goal in this blog is to make it a place where you can find some answers to those questions or situations where you just don't know what to do next.  Please feel free to post your questions and I'll be sure to provide the answers if I can. 

In the future, I would like to share organizational tips, meal preparations, recipes, money matters, raising responsible children etc.  I am not a professional of any kind, just a mom who has been through it all and am proud to say that I am on the other side now and have lots to share.  I hope you would like to hear what that is.

Being a mom is the greatest blessing I could have besides being a wife.  Watching my children grow into responsible adults, being close to them now as they raise their families and sharing in their lives brings me such joy.  At times it may seem impossible, but it is all worth it, every broken dish, every dirty floor, every spilled glass, all of it.  Don't get caught up in the little details, they will disappear.  Enjoy the moments, those will be what you miss. 

Remember time goes by fast and you too will one day be on the other end looking back.  You too will survive.

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Until next time, remember this quote "There's no job more noble on this earth, than to care for those whom we've given birth."  Author Unknown.


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